Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

Yes, and to some extent that flows into the point that is made on the other side, which is to accept that if the Supreme Court decides against our arguments here, then the solution in legal terms is the one-line act. It may be that would lead to all sorts of parliamentary complications and possible additions and amendments and so on, but that is the solution and that is of obvious significance, all of those points are of obvious significance both in relation to the timing of the giving of that notice and in relation to the in fact that negotiations will have to happen.

How are those matters going to occur? Back to Lord Reed's point about the delicacy of the balance and which part of the Government has which functions under our constitution; no one is suggesting that the negotiations will or could happen in any other way than by the Government negotiating on the UK's behalf to achieve the best deal it can.

If the outcome of that is an agreement, it is very likely that that agreement will be subject to the CRAG process; again, that takes one back to the balance, between what Parliament has chosen to control and what it has not.

So that was the second point with a bit of diversion on joint effort, and how that symmetry might or might not properly be viewed. But to some extent there is a broader point, which is the third of the points on joint effort, which is to the extent that there is a symmetry(?), we don't accept there is but to the extent there is a symmetry(?), that might be thought to some extent inevitable or at least acceptable, because it takes two elements to recognise international law rights in the way set up by the 1972 Act.

You need the general conduit, the general permission and you need the creation of those rights on the international plane. I am not sure you can have a stool with two legs, but if you could, take away one of them and the stool falls, is the third short point in relation to that.

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