Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

My Lord, I am entirely content for you to look at it as against that background, recognising, as I am sure my Lord does, that those motions, as it were, were political acts if you will. They were -- they did not constitute legislative permission, they were not akin to the Bahamas, Barbados, all of that legislation we read yesterday, and if you want to look for the analogue, a joint effort, the mirror, how have we done it, the analogue is 2015.

I know my Lord puts to me, well, is that question begging; we respectfully submit, it is in one sense but it truly isn't in another. It is just as interesting, just as important, constitutionally, it might be thought more so, and it may be that is what gives particular significance to the basis on which Parliament acted; if you are going to look, as it were, as part of the context of the ECA to the non-binding legislative motions, how can it possibly be said that you should not look in addressing the issues that you have today, both at the 2015 Act, and indeed the very statements that were made, the debates, as you rightly put it, in relation to the motion's pros and cons, why should you not look at those and the statements to Parliament.

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