Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

Can I make a summary, which -- I can go through the authorities in some detail if this is required but can I say that it seems to me that the trend of constitutional interpretation since 2002 has been to place perhaps rather more emphasis on a purposive interpretation than a generous one, and your Lordships and your Ladyship will have seen the reference in our printed case to the Local Government Byelaws case and to the Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases case.

Famously in the Asbestos Diseases case, there was -- argument on behalf of the Welsh Government for a generous interpretation was rejected, and in summary, the position seems to be that merely because a statute is quite properly to be classed as a constitutional statute, it really does not mean that it is interpreted in any different way. The emphasis is on the purpose. Of course the purpose --

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