Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

Electronic 9343, we are still in Dicey but it is spread over two tabs, I am afraid. The relevant extract is 9343. The very bottom of the page:

"Thirdly, there does not exist in any part of the British empire any person or body of persons, executive, legislative or judicial, which can pronounce void any enactment passed by the British Parliament on the ground of such enactment being opposed to the constitution on any ground whatever, except of course it being repealed by Parliament."

Then if we go back to the previous tab, which is 157, sorry to jump around but it is just that it is spread over two tabs, if we then go, please, to page 5005, in the electronic numbering, you will see halfway down the page:

"Two points are, however, well established. First, the resolution of neither House ..."

This is a substantial -- result of the case of Stockdale v Hansard, a point which my learned friend Lord Pannick was on, and then specifically relevant to the question of the role of the people in terms of political power and legal power. If you move on, please, to 5010, you will see at the top of the page, the vote of the parliamentary electors and halfway down that page:

"The sole legal right of electors under the English constitution is to elect members of Parliament. Electors have no legal means of initiating or sanctioning or of repealing the legislation of Parliament. No court will consider for a moment the argument that a law is invalid as being opposed to the opinion of the electorate. Their opinion can be legally expressed through Parliament and through Parliament alone."

Then in the same vein --

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