Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

My Lord, part 5 of the Northern Ireland Act deals with the north/south machinery and architecture, and indeed in answer to your Lordship's question and that of my Lord, Lord Mance a few moments ago, these provisions are referred to and we say given statutory effect and essentially incorporated into part 5 in a number of statutory provisions in or under the Northern Ireland Act. So if I can give your Lordships a number of brief references, paragraph 5 of strand 2 is referred to in section 52(c)(5) of the Northern Ireland Act, that is MS 20105. That defines the obligation on ministers in Northern Ireland to participate in the North South Ministerial Council. It is not a matter of choice; they are obliged to operate these arrangements.

Paragraph 11, of strand two is referred to in sections 53(5) and 55(5), that is MS 20106 and 20107. That defines the purpose of the implementation bodies. Then the scheme generally is referred to in article 2(2) of the north/south cooperation implementation bodies Northern Ireland order 1999, and the court finds that at MS 20253.

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