Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

Sorry, I don't want to delay things but I do need to clarify a point which arose on the first day, a sort of slight difference between myself and Lord Sumption about the relevance of the subsequent legislation, because I think we need to know whether there is a difference between you and the Attorney General for Northern Ireland, and indeed Lawyers for Britain, because the point made by Mr Justice Maguire is that, yes, this will result two years down the line in changes to the law, but that will be governed, or is intended to be governed, by the legislature -- and I think one would add you cannot control that but it is in the control of Parliament.

Now, that is a point which I think is taken by the Attorney General for Northern Ireland but it is not a point which you have taken. I understand you don't need it on your hypothesis, but are you distancing yourself -- you do refer, it comes into paragraph 105 of the Mr Justice Maguire's judgment, to which you do refer to, apparently with approval, in your case but I just want to know whether that is something you disassociate yourself from or whether it is part of your case if only as a fallback?

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