Transcripts (perhaps draft) of the Article 50 ‘Brexit’ Appeal hearings at the Supreme Court

-- in that way and we respectfully submit that that is highly significant. It provides the sharpest of focuses. No doubt it is not legally binding but that doesn't mean it is not legally relevant. It provides the sharpest of focuses on the nature of the issues now in play because Parliament has given, or the House of Commons at least has given, specific approval to the Government to give that notice and indeed it has called on them to do so by a particular date. It has done so as it did at the outset all of those years ago, in precisely the same way.

So if one is worrying about joint effort and have you got a mirror -- we respectfully submit you already had the mirror because you had primary legislation in the 2015 Act -- but you have an even more perfect mirror now, you have not just got the 2015 Act, you have got this resolution by the House of Commons.

It is impossible, we respectfully submit, in those circumstances to pray in aid broad considerations of the kind my learned friend Mr Chambers urged upon you about parliamentary sovereignty. Parliament has indicated its view and has done so clearly, and has done so clearly, and has done so --

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